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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 12, 2013

We have news on Woodson and Hawk's cap hits, free agent running backs, and nickel defenses.


Breakfast isn't complete without a little cheese, so here's your morning dose. We continue to look forward to free agency, but we start with a look at potential moves that could be made to trim the cap hits of some key Packers defenders.

Woodson, Hawk loom large in Packers' cap strategy - Press-Gazette
Finally, someone breaks down exactly how much cap room Woodson and Hawk take up. And whoa nellie, Chuck is costing a lot of money right now.

Signature snaps: Top five defensive plays of 2012 -
Not surprisingly, all the nominees are turnovers. But after Mike Daniels' fumble recovery, I had forgotten that the first game against the Lions turned on a defensive touchdown too.

QBs: Packers offseason by position -
We've broken down the roster by position already, but Jason Wilde starts his analysis this week.

NFL mailbag - Big spending, subpar results - ESPN
John Clayton likes the idea of Steven Jackson coming to Green Bay if he and Ted Thompson could agree on a salary around $5 million. Does that sound reasonable?

Rewind'12: Circling back on nickel usage - NFC North Blog - ESPN
Holy crap. The Packers used more than four defensive backs on over two-thirds of defensive snaps in 2012.

2013 NFL free agents: The best team money can buy -
This is an interesting exercise--HOLD EVERYTHING. If Ahmad Bradshaw would take a one-year, $2 million deal, get him to Brown County IMMEDIATELY.

Vikings willing to trade Percy Harvin, according to report -
Your daily dose of Schadenfreude.

Enjoy your Tuesday.