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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 13, 2013

Today we have links on Morgan Burnett's steadiness, someone giving Greg Jennings the credit he deserves, and a formula that would have predicted Aaron Rodgers to be a failure as an NFL quarterback.

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Jamie Squire

Welcome to hump day, everyone. Let's all get through our Wednesdays in one piece and look forward to being another day closer to the weekend. If that requires that you take a long lunch break and grab a stiff drink, then so be it.

Rewind'12: Morgan Burnett is Mr. Reliable - NFC North Blog - ESPN
Reliable? Yes. He's reliable in that he played every defensive snap this season and is solid in coverage, but I would argue that we should be seeing him start coming up with more turnovers.

Old School Packers - Nov. 12, 2006: Donald Driver proves his worth - JSOnline
The Journal-Sentinel looks back at one of Quickie's best games, when he stuck it to the Vikings after they decided he wasn't worth a 7th-round pick in 2002.

Packers Foundation makes record-setting donation -
It's always nice to see a big organization like this give back to the community, but it's critical for the Packers since they're owned by the community.

Ranking the 2013 Free Agents: Wide Receivers - ProFootballFocus
That's more like it: somebody actually giving Greg Jennings his due. I'm surprised he ranks ahead of Welker, but given Welker's use as strictly a slot receiver I can certainly understand it.

Can an old formula still predict QB success in the NFL? -
For whatever it's worth, Rodgers failed this "test": he scored a 35 on the Wonderlic and completed more than 63% of his passes, but only made 24 starts at Cal. I'm pretty sure he counts as a successful NFL QB.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: The typical mock draft - Field Gulls
The SBNation Seahawks blog just put every mock drafter out of a job. Read this, then you'll never have to read another mock draft again.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.