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Packers Free Agency 2013: Charles Woodson Apparently To Be Released

It's not official yet, but the Packers great looks to be on his way out.

Jamie Squire

Nothing has been officially announced by the Green Bay Packers yet, but defensive back Charles Woodson just sent out this tweet through his winery's account:

That is causing a lot of speculation about what is happening, but realistically there's only one option: it appears that Woodson will be cut, and will be made a free agent. This move would save the Packers about $10 million in cap space for the 2013 season and make the payroll much more flexible.

Just a few minutes later, Ian Rapoport of tweeted this:

It appears to be a done deal. The question now becomes whether or not the Packers will try to bring back Woodson at a cheaper rate, as they did with A.J. Hawk before the 2011 season. Stay tuned.