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2013 Franchise Tag Open Thread

This is an open thread to follow updates and discuss reactions to franchise tag declarations throughout the NFL.

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While the official league year has not started for 2013 yet, this week may be the real start of the 2013 moves. The NFL Combine starts on Wednesday and there is sure to be lots of wheeling and dealing happening behind the scenes at that event. Meanwhile, today is the first day that teams can use the franchise tag on impending free agents. There is a two week period when teams can place this tag on a player. Some players are all guaranteed to get tagged (hello Joe Flacco). Some teams have already announced that they will not use the franchise tag. Due to changes in the latest CBA the franchise tag is a more club friendly option and so we are bound to see news pop up of who is getting tagged and who is not.

So here is your franchise tag open thread. All normal open thread rules apply. If you want a couple previews of who may or may not get tagged I would recommend this preview from our friends at PFF and this one from the good people over at PFT. NFP also has a good summary of what the franchise tag numbers look like for each position.

Confirmed Reports of Tagged Players

Denver Broncos - OT Ryan Clady (link)

UPDATE 3/1: Cincinnati Bengals - Michael Johnson (link)
Buffalo Bills - Jairus Byrd (link)

These players are not going to get tagged and should hit the market:

Wes Welker (link)

As for the Packers the only real question is going to be whether the team decides to franchise Greg Jennings. The projected franchise tag for a WR is $9,692,000 which is not an unreasonable sum of money and would give the Packers time to find a replacement for Jennings. Then again, Jennings has said that he would not want to play under the tag and the last thing the Packers would want is to face a hold out and possible distraction. Thus, my gut is telling me that there will be little to no Packer news on this particular front.

We will try and keep this updated throughout the day. Feel free to also post any updates you catch in the comments section.