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Packers to Raise Lambeau Field Ticket Prices for 2013 Season

Before everyone gets up in arms about prices going up at Lambeau, please remember how awesome the experience is at Packers games and how much that's actually worth to you.

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Jonathan Daniel

In an interview today, Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy addressed a plan for addressing ticket prices for games at Lambeau Field for the 2013 season. Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is on the beat:

WHARRGLAARBL BOO RAISING PRICES STOP TAKING OUR MONEY. Wait, an increase of $2 to $5 per game? That comes out to a maximum of a $40 upcharge per seat per season. Sure, that kinda stinks, but if you're already paying for a full season package odds are good that you can afford that small uptick on your bill.

As Dunne notes in his article on JSOnline, that's a bump of $2 for the end-zone seats and a $5 increase for the other sections. Murphy helps put the ticket increases into perspective however:

Let's face it, everyone: even with these increases in ticket prices, you're still getting one of the best stadium experiences in the NFL at a league-average price. It's always a bummer when prices go up, but my biased mind still thinks that tickets for Packers games are one of the best values in sports.