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Super Bowl 2013: Picks and Predictions for the Big Game

Only one of us picked the Ravens to beat the 49ers. Who do you think will win Sunday's game?

Christian Petersen

Super Bowl XLVII is nearly here, meaning that each of us has one last chance to prove that we know a thing or two about picking football games.

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Evan: Ravens

Both offenses appear to be well-balanced at this point. Each has a hot quarterback (Joe Flacco/Colin Kaepernick), a great running back who can help out in the passing game (Ray Rice/Frank Gore), a talented young budding star at wide receiver (Torrey Smith/Michael Crabtree), and and old veteran wideout who can show flashes of his previous greatness (Anquan Boldin/Randy Moss). On defense, I think that the Ravens will actually have the personnel to slow down the 49ers' pistol offense, with Haloti Ngata in the middle and Paul Kruger and Terrell Suggs on the edge. I also think that we'll see Ed Reed make one huge play in the second half to swing some momentum in Baltimore's favor and guarantee himself a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Kevin: 49ers

The Ravens' defense defending Colin Kaepernick and the read option = LOL. I want to see the Harbaugh brothers punch each other and Ray Lewis get embarrassed.

Devin: 49ers

Most of my being does not want Randy Moss to get a Super Bowl ring, but it's hard to see how that does not happen this year. The 49ers have an offense that should be able to control the game despite a tough Ravens' defense. On the other side of the ball, I have never been a big believer in the Ravens' offense. I will admit that Joe Flacco has had an impressive postseason, but I have the feeling he won't be to do enough against Aldon and Justin Smith.

Tony: 49ers

I have a feeling that this will be a Super Bowl for the ages. I am a fan of both teams. They both have eventually got all of the pieces in line to get them over the hump and ultimately into the big game. Both teams have great defenses, a great ground attack and a more than capable passer at quarterback. In this game, which I think will be a good one, we will see a struggle between two solid offenses. Kaepernick will have his guys going if he is able to shake off the Super Bowl jitters, if any. On the other hand, Joe Flacco's experience alongside Ray Rice will have Baltimore moving the ball as well.
In the end, I believe that we will see the 49ers take control late to win this game. Why? Frank Gore. Baltimore has a reputation of having this mean, defensive unit, but they have been gashed on the ground more times than they would like to remember. Opponents averaged about 122 yards per game against Baltimore and if anybody can deliver a death blow to this unit, it is definitely Gore.