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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for February 20, 2013

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on defensive backs, Donald Driver, former Packers and the perfect offseason.

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Happy Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. Because it's the pre-Combine and free agency, (mostly) post-cap casualties part of the offseason, there isn't a whole lot of actual football stuff to talk about unless your team has a top draft pick or a whole lot of money. Even then, you're diving into fantasyland. That's why a couple of the stories in today's Cheese Curds take cool looks back at the careers of former Packers.

Packers strong at corner, now young at safety |

Mike Spofford takes a look at the DBs.

Jacke appreciates his years in Green Bay | FOX Sports Wisconsin

And why wouldn't he? Dude got a ring.

April 6, 1993: 17 million reasons convince Reggie White | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren were looking fly as hell back in the day.

Packers have learned from Driver mistake | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Equating Charles Woodson with Donald Driver is silly. While Woodson will be a Packers Hall of Famer at some point, he's nowhere near as big of an icon to Packers fans as Driver. He also wasn't going to sign on for 1/5 of his current salary.

The perfect offseason for every NFL team | SB Nation

With looks at each division on the way. NFC North is up.