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Greg Jennings and the Franchise Tag: Still a Possibility for Packers

A source claims that the Packers are still thinking about placing the franchise tag on wideout Greg Jennings.

Otto Greule Jr

As far as most Packers fans were concerned, impending free agent wide receiver Greg Jennings is as good as gone. With the Packers' having three younger options on the roster who are very talented along with a tight end who is capable of being a game-breaker, the thought was that the Packers would be better off using the money that it would cost to keep Jennings to extend Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and potentially B.J. Raji.

Hold everything, people. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweeted this earlier this afternoon:

Yes, Ian, most of use thought that ship had sailed as well. Placing the franchise tag on Jennings would mean he'd earn about $10.4 million this season, less than the $11-14 million that it's been speculated that he is looking for in free agency. Then again, with the Packers cutting Charles Woodson loose a few weeks ago, that $10 million in cap savings could go straight into Jennings' contract.

Who knows, perhaps Jennings would even be open to signing a long-term extension with the Packers this off-season while under the provisions of the tag. It's an interesting concept, and one that most people had already discounted, but if the Packers were to have a healthy receiving corps of Jennings, Cobb, Jones, Nelson, and Finley all together? Look out.