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2013 Packers Draft: Post Combine Mock Draft Round Up

The Combine is done and now it’s time to look at who the experts see the Packers selecting at 26 in this year’s draft. Unsurprisingly linebackers seem to be on many people’s mind with Arthur Brown’s name starting to be connected to the Packers more often.


Now that the Combine has come and gone we have to wait for pro days and the inevitable mixture of gaffes and scandals to artificially raise and lower any the draft stock of these NFL hopefuls. Naturally the Combine also affects the layout of the countless mock drafts so let’s take a look at what some of the various names have changed their boards after this past weekend, and specifically who each of these analysts have the Packers taking with the 26th pick in the draft.

SBNation – Mocking The Draft: Arthur Brown, Kansas State, LB

If Arthur Brown is available, the Green Bay Packers should run to the podium. The playoff loss to the 49ers exposed the team's weakness in its linebacker core. Brown has put on some size and should be able to play in the 3-4.

Not going to lie, this is an interesting pick. Currently CBS has Brown listed with a 2nd round grade, but their analysis hints at the fact that he would be a top 15 caliber player if he was a bit taller. They even state that he could be the steal of the draft. Getting a playmaker in the middle of the defense would not be a bad thing for the Packers. I would have a hard time seeing people argue too much with this pick.

Gil Brandt – Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

Lots of anticipation surrounded Jones heading into the combine, but when the linebacker prospect chose to not work out, he more or less fell off the face of the Earth. He's putting all of his eggs in his pro-day basket, which is dangerous. Nonetheless, he can be the kind of outside pass rusher Green Bay is looking for.

I doubt that Jones slips this far down the draft despite the neck concerns. If he does slip this far I think that’s going to be a red flag enough for the Packers to pass on him too. They have been known to be overly conservative when it comes to player health and have been hit hard by injuries bug as of late.

Don Banks – Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

The Packers wouldn't surprise anyone if they took a defensive tackle like Alabama's Jessie Williams, Ohio State's Johnathan Hankins or North Carolina's Sylvester Williams. But I'm sticking with running back for them, albeit switching from Wisconsin's Montee Ball (who carries a second-round grade) to Alabama's Lacy, the only consensus first-round running back in the draft. Again, I think it's time the Packers found a reliable ground game to ease the pressure on Aaron Rodgers. Lacy didn't run or work out in Indy due to a slight hamstring issue, but his resume is on tape and available for viewing.

This is a great pick if you believe Lacy is a first round caliber player. Personally, I’m not and would rather a big ugly of some sort and then swing back for a RB in the second or third round.

Pete Prisco – Travis Frederick, C, Wisconsin

They need help in the middle of their line. This kid will be a good one.

Yes, they do need help in the middle of the offensive line. Yes, center may be the position on the team crying the loudest for an upgrade. Yes, Frederick may possibly be the best center in the draft……BUT…….is Frederick a good value at 26? I’m not sold on that idea.

Clark Judge – Damontre Moore, LB, Texas A&M

Another guy who shouldn't fall this far. The Packers had all sorts of problems holding the edge vs. San Francisco. An upgrade is needed.

Unlike Prisco’s pick, this selection makes relatively little sense in the grand scheme of the roster. Nick Perry will be healthy and Clay Matthews is awesome. The Packers are mostly looking for depth and rotation at OLB. Despite the lack of need for a starter, I love this pick because it is great value and the Packers can easily find a way to exploit having too many young edge rushers available.

Walter Football: Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

Jermichael Finley recently said that his chances of staying with the Packers is 50/50. Jason La Canfora reported that Finley won't return. If that's the case, the Packers will be searching for a tight end early in the 2013 NFL Draft. Tyler Eifert distanced himself from Zach Ertz at the Combine.

I know what I hate and I don’t hate this pick. While a pick to strengthen either the offensive or defensive lines is not a bad plan in the least, there is a strong point to be made for getting an offensive skill player or two. If the Packers are able to find a tight end who can run block and make plays in the passing game then that’s going to improve the offense dramatically.

Dane Brugler – Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State

For most of the season, it seemed evident that the Packers needed to add more speed on defense and that was never more true than Green Bay's loss in the playoffs to San Francisco. Brown has a nose for the ball with the position versatility to play inside or outside in the Packers scheme.

Another vote for Brown…..interesting.

Pat Kirwain – Datone Jones, DE, UCLA

Jones can play end or tackle and that gives Dom Capers a versatile player for his scheme.

A front seven defender who offers flexibility and can play DE or OLB? I like the sound of that.