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Super Bowl 2013: Ravens vs. 49ers Game Thread

Come discuss the 47th Super Bowl with the APC community.

Christian Petersen

It is time. The 32 teams of the National Football League have gradually been whittled down to two over 20 weeks of competition, and only the Baltimore Ravens of the AFC and the San Francisco 49ers of the NFC remain. We've given you our picks, given you recipes to help make your Super Bowl party a success, and given you all the information you should need on how to watch today's game. Now it's up to you.

Eat, drink, be merry, and let's make friendly wagers on how long it will take before Jim Harbaugh explodes in a fit of teenage angst because a borderline call went against his team (my guess is 10 minutes remaining in the second quarter).

It's Ray Lewis vs. Colin Kaepernick, Joe Flacco vs. Patrick Willis, Randy Moss vs. Ed Reed. There are no shortage of stars in this game, and it should be one for the ages. Best of luck to both teams, and CAN WE PLEASE JUST KICK OFF ALREADY?!