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Cheese Curds: Daily Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 4, 2013

Now begins the long break between the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. We begin this arduous time of year with links.

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Chris Graythen

Press the reset button, everybody. All 32 NFL teams are back to 0-0 and it's time for us to shift our complete focus over to how the Packers can improve their team through free agency and the draft. In doing so, we take a look back at recent failures. We also have some stories on Packers legends and some of the more ridiculous things that happened in New Orleans last night.

Packers give clues how to fail against 'pistol' -
I feel like I've read an article like this before...

Rodgers and Favre share stage at NFL Honors ceremony - Press-Gazette
Okay, somebody had to mention this. I didn't see it myself, but it sounds like it was at least a mildly amusing moment and a sign that maybe tensions are lifing a little bit.

Cliff Christl column: Robinson set Packers on path to glory - Press-Gazette
Christl takes a look back at Dave Robinson's career and some of his biggest plays. It's a nice look back for those who remember him, and a nice snapshot of his career for those of us who are too young.

Now, from around SBNation:

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Super Bowl mock brings changes -

Super Bowl Commercials 2013 -
If you only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, here's your source for all things advertising. Personally, I thought the Axe Astronaut ad was great. What was your favorite?

Super Bowl blackout: Payton's revenge -
That scene from "Airplane!" is exactly what I thought of when the power went out. LSUFreek is on the ball with this GIF.

Beyonce did WHAT, Joe Theismann? -
This had me literally crying on the floor laughing last night. As @AwfulAnnouncing correctly pointed out, this is what happens when old people tweet.

We'll dive headfirst into roster evaluations later today, so stay tuned.