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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 9, 2013

With the off-season in full swing, today's Curds focus heavily on the business side of the game - specifically, the salary cap, free agency, and veterans who could potentially be cap casualties.

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Jim Prisching

Welcome to the first weekend of the NFL off-season, everyone. Sleep in late (clearly that's what I did today), have a nice big breakfast, and find some way to entertain yourself without football Go watch hockey, perhaps. Or just sit in front of your laptop, scouring through scouting reports for the draft. Whatever works. Here's today's Packers news.

Team-by-team strength of schedule for 2013 -
The Packers have the 6th-toughest schedule in 2013, based on record. The other divisional teams come in with the Lions at 2nd-toughest, the Vikings at 10th, and the Bears at 16th.

Jerry Kramer OK with not being in Pro Football Hall of Fame - JSOnline
I'm glad for Kramer that he's happy with his life without a HOF honor; he still is the most deserving player in history who's not in the hall though.

Green Bay Packers cheerleader stands up to Bears cyber-bully on Facebook - Windy City Gridiron
We give our thanks to the Bears' SBNation blog for supporting a member of the Packers community. There's no place for bullying, online or elsewhere. I would ask that everyone keep that in mind.

In defense of Jay Cutler, a heel America should get behind -
Jay Cutler is in America's top-five of most-disliked athletes. America can be smart sometimes, you guys.

Felix Jones unlikely to return to Cowboys -
Do any of you think that Jones would be useful in Green Bay? He's a decent receiver out of the backfield and could be okay in a time share.

NFL Salary Cap Situations 2013: Jets, Cowboys, Saints among teams with work to do -
The Packers have the 9th-most money currently tied up in contracts for next season. There may have to be some contracts restructured in order for the team to get some comfort under the salary cap this offseason.

2013 NFL free agents: Wes Welker, Dwayne Bowe lead loaded group of wide receivers -
OUCH. Greg Jennings is rated below Danny Amendola and Brian Hartline? That seems pretty absurd to me. I think he's clearly behind the top four, but clearly better than those two names.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!