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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for March 1, 2013

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on cap space, Ryan Pickett, Michael Turner and not knowing anything about the read option.

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Nick Laham

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. You know the drill. You've worked hard all week, so take a long lunch and have a few adult beverages, because you deserve it.

Packers about $21 million under salary cap | Green Bay Press-Gazette

And I think they're going to pick up more room shortly. Which is good, because I'd like to front-load the eff out of new contracts to Clay Matthews and others who we'd like to extend.

Packers will use extra cap space, but not necessarily on free agents | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel


Take a Moment and Enjoy Packers DT Ryan Pickett Blowing Up Offensive Linemen | Jersey Al's

Oh, I will.

Texas A&M helping Packers with read-option | FOX Sports Wisconsin

The Aggies don't run a lot of read option. Neither do most SEC teams. Here's an insane excerpt from this story.

If Sumlin -- a pass-first type of offensive coach -- let his defensive coaches handle more of the read-option training for the Packers' staff, it's not as though Texas A&M's defense faced it very often recently, either. Missouri, Ole Miss and to a lesser extent Mississippi State were the only SEC teams to use much read-type offense.

Regardless, McCarthy and his coaching staff are clearly committed to learn more about how to stop Kaepernick and Griffin next season.

Jeez, Mike.

Comparing NFL and high school 40-yard dash times: A horrifying revelation | SB Nation

This is really funny. And, surprise, guys get slower as they get bigger. Oh, and high schools lie about 40s.

Atlanta Falcons Cut Michael Turner, Dunta Robinson and John Abraham In Cap-Clearing Move | The Falcoholic

Who wants 'The Burner'?