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Cheese Curds: Daily Packers News and Links for March 11, 2013

Today's curds cover a Greg Jennings interview, some injury news among some NFL rookies, and somebody with decent photoshop skills but a lack of understanding of Ted Thompson's M.O.

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Butch Dill

Welcome to the Monday before free agency begins. We'll have some final looks at what the Packers might do in the free agent market today, but first kick it off with a balanced breakfast of cheesy goodness. Here are your links for today:

Thompson not likely to abandon cost-conscious philosophy in free agency | Press-Gazette
Oh come on, Dougherty, let us have our delusions. It's not like he hasn't done it before, he just needs the right player to become available.

Greg Jennings on his next team: 'The QB means a lot' | USA Today
File that one under "O" for "Obvious". What the headline doesn't say is that Jennings also said he needs to make sure his family is "comfortable".

Offseason 2013: What the Future Looks Like |
Someone had some fun with photoshop. Unfortunately for them, I'm not crazy about the idea of Reggie Bush in Green Bay, and I don't see any way Ted Thompson will be either. Give me a guy wearing 39 instead.

Eddie Lacy injury: Alabama RB will miss Pro Day due to lingering hamstring tightness |
Perhaps Montee Ball's Pro Day will help him out even more than anticipated.

Doctor clears Jarvis Jones of spinal stenosis |
My guess is that any pipe dream of Jones falling down to the 26th pick just went right out the window.

Joe Flacco: Ray Lewis' speeches to Ravens were funny |
It's hard to believe that anyone could take Ray Lewis seriously 100% of the time, so this comes as no surprise to me.

Now go plan a long lunch to get you through your Monday.