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Percy Harvin Trade - Seahawks Reportedly Agree to Acquire Wideout

In one of the more stunning bits of news from this off-season, the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings have agreed on a trade involving Percy Harvin.

Otto Greule Jr

The Monday morning lunch hour isn't normally a big time for NFL news in my recollection, and especially not the day before free agency starts. This year is an exception. According to Jay Glazer, The Minnesota Vikings are parting ways with disgruntled wide receiver Percy Harvin:

Apparently the Seahawks have a thing for Vikings wide receivers, as Harvin will join fellow former Viking Sidney Rice. We don't have any details on the draft picks to be exchanged at this point, but a Vikings beat writer says that the physical is essentially a formality at this point and that Harvin will get his new contract extension from Seattle.

What does this mean for the Packers? Well, it certainly opens up the Vikings as a potential destination for free agent wide receiver Greg Jennings, and no Packer fan wants to see number 85 wearing purple. Of more long-term interest to the Packers may be the draft pick haul that the Vikings receive as part of this trade. The Vikings made the playoffs with only a half-season of Harvin in 2012; if they can add a few key pieces with these extra draft picks, that makes them even more of a threat in the NFC North.

Oh, and a combination of Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and now Harvin in Seattle? That could be a very scary offense in the Pacific Northwest in the 2013 season.

Check out the coverage of the trade from the Daily Norseman and Field Gulls, the SBNation blogs for the teams involved.

UPDATE: Glazer now reports that the trade involves the Seahawks' first-round pick in 2013 (25th overall), their 7th-rounder also in 2013, and a mid-round pick in 2014. This leaves the Vikings with the 23rd and 25th picks in this year's first round.