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Sam Shields receives second round restricted free agent tender

This should probably be good enough to keep Sam Shields around.

Harry How

The Green Bay Packers apparently saw more potential free agent interest in Sam Shields than they did in Evan Dietrich-Smith, and have slapped him with a second round restricted free agent tender. Any team who signs Shields to an offer sheet will have to compensate the Packers with a second round pick if he signs and the Packers do not match. If Shields is not signed to an offer sheet, he'll make a hair over $2 million next season.

Shields had a rough start to the 2012 season after he was demoted in training camp, but he won his job back slowly but surely, through his solid play and injuries to other players. Expect him to enter camp next season with a very solid chance to win a starting job, perhaps entering camp as the starter.

The Packers have plenty of depth at the cornerback position with Shields, Tramon Williams, Casey Hayward and Davon House, but he was arguably the most consistent of the bunch through the second half of last season, and it will be great to see him return to the team for another year.