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Tom Crabtree headed to free agency; Packers won't tender tight end

It's not clear whether the Packers plan on going with fewer tight ends in 2013 or Andrew Quarless is getting healthy, but Tom Crabtree looks unlikely to return to the Packers.


Tom Crabtree isn't going to be tendered by the Green Bay Packers and will hit free agency, according to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

It wouldn't have cost the Packers much to slap him with an RFA tender -- about $1.3 million. Given that there's interest from other teams, as Silverstein says, it seems likely that Crabtree will sign elsewhere and won't be back for the 2013 season. Obviously, we can't ever say never, but he's probably gone.

Crabtree will probably be best remembered for his fantastic touchdown on a fake field goal this season, as well as his entertaining Twitter feed. He's competent as a blocker and receiver, and should make a good second or third tight end for someone. He had his best season last year, notching 203 receiving yards and three touchdowns, but apparently he didn't do quite enough to stay in Ted Thompson's plans.