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Robert Francois not handed RFA tender, but could still return

According to Robert Francois' agent, the linebacker will not be tendered, but he's still talking about a deal with the Packers.


Robert Francois will join Tom Crabtree in not receiving a restricted free agent tender. The Green Bay Packers linebacker who was a key special teams player in 2012, but who did not play a down from scrimmage, will hit free agency this afternoon. Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette passed along the news, along with the news that he's still trying to work out a deal with the team.

It makes sense that the Packers wouldn't want to pay $1.3 million for a player who didn't play a down from scrimmage last season, and he's going to have less of a market for his services than Crabtree (and the players who got tendered) as a result. He was a very good special teams player last year, though, and I hope to see him back in camp.