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Antoine Winfield released by Minnesota Vikings

Well, this is surprising. The Vikings were apparently unwilling to pay Winfield more than $7 million next season.

Jim Prisching

Well, this is a surprise, at least to me. The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly releasing cornerback Antoine Winfield. Apparently, this one is about money. One note for Tom Pelissero: This is a poor use of 'he called their bluff' since they obviously weren't bluffing.

One of the best tackling corners in the league, Winfield has been among the leaders of the Vikings' defense in his time with the team. His absences have been very noticeable whenever he's been injured, and he makes a big impact whenever he plays. However, he makes a lot of money, as Joel Corry pointed out.

This probably won't sit well with fans and players the day after Percy Harvin got traded.

Watch Adrian Peterson's Twitter feed, y'all.