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NFL Free Agency 2013: Open Thread

It's finally upon us! Free agency opens up with a flurry of news and you can discuss it with other Packer fans here.


Do you remember when you were a little kid running down to the tree on Christmas morning to see what Santa Claus left you? If you do then the next few hours is probably the closest thing an adult football fan has to reclaiming that feeling. After the long wait free agency is upon us. The next few hours is going to be headline after headline. We’ll finally get answers about where Greg Jennings will end up and if the Packers may actually sign a big name free agency like Chris Canty or Stephen Jackson.

Kevin, Evan, Tony, and I will be watching the updates coming across the interwebz and posting updates as we go. So keep an eye on our free agency story stream. Also to go along with that stream use this open thread to talk about any of the breaking news and how all of these updates affect our beloved Green Bay Packers. My gut tells me this is going to be a weird year where the Packers actually get going in free agency. Why? Too many good players available and the flat cap number are going to push down their price dramatically. Just a thought.

So here are a few questions to start the discussion….

The Vikings….what is going on there? So far they have traded Percy Harvin, re-signed the disappointing Jerome Simpson and cut ntoine Winfield. They have to be preparing for something big….

There are reports coming out that the Packers have an offer sheet out for olphins CB Sean Smith. Is this a bad sign for Sam Shields or Tramon Williams? Or maybe Davon House?

Similarly there are rumblings that the Packers are interested in Stephen Jackson but Atlanta seems the likely landing spot. Would you be pleased if the Packers could pull that one out, or would you rather see a RB drafted in the top half of the draft?

Also the final question…if the Packers do get involved in FA early this year do we send out a search party for Ted Thompson or do we simply assume that he’s been replaced by an alien imposter?

Enjoy the next couple days….it looks like it’s going to be fun.