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2013 NFL Free Agency: Packers In The Lead For Steven Jackson

Earlier in the day it was reported the Falcons were in the lead to sign RB Steven Jackson. Now it sounds like the Packers may be the team to beat.


The Packers never make a big splash the first day of free agency. It’s a good rule to go by while Ted Thompson is in charge. That may change though….

If this deal can be signed then that would be an impressive signing for the Packers. It would give hope that the Packers offense can find some balance in 2013…or at the very least have a running back run for over 100 yards in a game. That would be nice by itself.

Jackson is not a spring chicken, nor is he the back that he was a few years ago. That said, he would be an upgrade for the Packers and should have enough left in the tank to provide a legitimate running attack. The Packers have struggled the last couple years with defenses sitting in a two man zone and then focusing on rushing Aaron Rodgers. Having a physical back like Jackson could break up that defensive alignment and force defenses to put more defenders in the box.

Obviously this won’t be over until Jackson signs a contract, but it is an unexpected development and something worth keeping an eye on. Here’s hoping.