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Packers free agency: Erik Walden signs with Indianapolis Colts

Yes, those year and dollar figures are real.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Do you think the Indianapolis Colts were desperate for an outside linebacker? I expected Erik Walden to sign with someone other than the Green Bay Packers and I wouldn't have been too surprised if someone gave him a slight raise, but this? Well ... wow.

Yes, that's four years and $16 million for a serviceable, but never spectacular outside linebacker. That's ... probably an overpay by double, in years and average yearly salary. I don't blame Walden for having every expectation that he's going to start, because that's borderline starter money.

I wish Walden all the best and hopes he lives up to that contract, but I don't think I'm being rude or disrespectful by saying that he did not do enough in Green Bay for the Packers to ever consider giving him a contract of that size. I knew the outside linebacker market was thin, but this is really something else. I'm stunned.

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