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2013 NFL Free Agency: Greg Jennings May Stick With the Packers After All

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette's Rob Demovsky there is strong possibility that Greg Jennings will stay with the Packers if he does not sign with another team by midnight.

Kevin C. Cox

Remember a while ago when most had given up hope that Greg Jennings would return to the Packers? Well that might not be as outlandish as many of us thought.

So now we just have to wait till midnight and see if Jennings signs with a different team. If not then there may be a very strong possibility that he sticks with Green Bay. It appears that the market was softer for Jennings and so he decided to return to a situation he knows and trusts rather than make a little extra money. This would be similar to a situation that was faced by fellow Packers’ receiver James Jones. The main difference this time is that this is Jennings last chance to make a big contract.

Stay tuned…this story just got a bit more interesting.