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Packers free agency: Steven Jackson report not quite adding up

Steven Jackson is reportedly close to signing with the Green Bay Packers, but the report in question cites a source that doesn't seem like they're in a position to know.


Update: Schefter tweets that Jackson signs with Packers, then deletes it. Oops!

Unintentionally, Bill Huber of Packer Report casually dropped a bomb and then backed away from the internet last night, leaving everyone to lose their collective stuff. Obviously it's not his fault that his children were in need of his care, but this made for a funny evening.

Packer Report later ran with a story on Jackson (and Greg Jennings, who we're waiting for more news on) with this graph.

According to a source who has been in contact with the Rams, former St. Louis running back Steven Jackson is going to sign with Green Bay. Dom Capers, for one, heaped praise on the all-around talents of Jackson before the teams met in October.

I trust that Huber does have a reliable source that has some contact with the Rams, but there wouldn't be a ton of reason for the Rams to know whether or not he's going to sign with Green Bay. He's a free agent, and there's no reason for Jackson or Jackson's agent to tell the Rams anything, unless Jackson's getting nothing but lowball offers and they're open to the possibility of returning to the Rams at a discounted price.

My gut says that Jackson's demanding more money than the Packers want to pay to a veteran running back whose best years are likely behind him. I'd like to see Jackson in Green and Gold, but only at a certain price, and it's possible that Ted Thompson doesn't want to meet Jackson's demands.

In any event, there's no reason to believe that a Rams-connected source would have good information on Jackson. He's not a member of the Rams at the moment and he doesn't have to tell them anything.

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