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Steven Jackson to the Packers? Maybe, but Adam Schefter misfired - UPDATED

Even the best make mistakes. Steven Jackson isn't a member of the Green Bay Packers quite yet.


Oops! Adam Schefter tweeted that the Green Bay Packers had agreed to a three-year deal with free agent running back Steven Jackson, then promptly deleted it. This is fun.

Whoopsies! I feel bad for Schefter, as I've definitely misfired on a tweet before. My guess: He's got some decent information that the Packers will sign Jackson, but isn't supposed to tweet it until he's given the okay. He probably tweeted before he was given the okay.

Anyway, Schefter's human and this stinks for him. Hopefully my theory's right and Jackson actually signs with the team later today.

UPDATE: There was something to that misfire, it appears.

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