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Steven Jackson signs with Atlanta Falcons

There's one offensive skill player the Green Bay Packers won't be signing in free agency.

Al Messerschmidt

The Green Bay Packers will not add Steven Jackson to their running back corps, as previously rumored. Green Bay had been talking contract with the now-former St. Louis Rams running back, but he's headed to Atlanta to play for the Falcons, according to Adam Schefter.

I'm not entirely sure what would cause Atlanta to part ways with Michael Turner, then spend a good deal of money on an older running back, but to each their own.

Chances are, Green Bay didn't want to pay whatever price Jackson was demanding, which makes sense. They have financial priorities beyond paying big money for a 30-year-old back who appears to have passed his prime. Still, it would have been nice to head into next season with a veteran back of Jackson's pedigree.

Are you upset that the Packers didn't sign Jackson? Relieved? Or are you going to wait to see what Atlanta paid him before you develop your opinion about whether or not the Packers should have tried harder to sign him?

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