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2013 NFL Free Agency: Packers' RB Strategy After The Steven Jackson Signing

Steven Jackson has signed with the's not a surprise but is depressing. What is next for the Packers in their quest to upgrade the running back position?


It’s not a surprise, but it is depressing. The news broke today that free agent running back Steven Jackson has signed a deal with the Atlanta Falcons. The last few days the Packers have been in negotiations with Jackson to bring him into Green Bay, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Oh well, it was a nice thought but Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press Gazette said it best:

No, Ted Thompson doesn’t do bidding wars, and that’s a good thing. Really, it doesn’t seem like it now but it is a good thing. This still leaves the Packers needing an upgrade at running back however. We’ll have plenty of time to get to the draft, but until then let’s take a look at who is left among the free agent running backs.

You can get a full list at one of the many free agent trackers around the internet (I personally used ESPN’s). Here are a few names that may catch people’s eye:

Ahmad Bradshaw: He’s the highest rated player from ESPN. He is a bit younger than many of the other big name free agent running backs and probably has something left in the tank. He has been slowed down by injuries the last couple years however.

Peyton Hillis: Okay, I’m not a believer in this move either, but he should be an upgrade from what we have on the roster currently…..right? A combination of Hillis and DuJuan Harris may even be interesting to watch.

Leon Washington: Many have hoped the Packers would get an explosive scatback for a couple years and Washington would be a good fit here. He could also help the Packers with kick returns and free up Randall Cobb for a larger role with the offense.

Danny Woodhead: Maybe this is giving up on the hope that Alex Green can turn into a good third down back, but Woodhead has plenty of experience in a pass happy offense and shown an ability to produce. He could fit in well with what the Packers run.

Cedric Benson: Well, he knows where the bathrooms are at Lambeau. There’s nothing terrible about bringing back Benson, but is the upgrade we need at running back?

That’s a list of a few possibilities, is there anyone else that you have your eye on? Or is it just time to focus on the draft and hope a guy like Eddie Lacy or Montee Ball comes to the Packers at the right time?

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