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Greg Jennings' Minnesota Vikings visit comes tomorrow; no news tonight

Greg Jennings will visit with the Minnesota Vikings on Friday, and nothing will be decided on Thursday night.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Generally great Minnesota Vikings beat dude and ESPN Twin Cities editor/radio host Tom Pelissero has the skinny on Greg Jennings and what's going on with his previously reported visit with our neighbors to the northwest.

It's too early to tell whether Jennings has serious interest in the Vikings or if he's going to use them as leverage. It's also a bit too early to tell exactly what Jennings is going to demand. It's hard to believe that his ceiling for average value per year could end up higher than the Mike Wallace contract, and he's probably not going to get as many years. The Vikings' (and Packers') offers will likely fall somewhere between the contracts that Wes Welker and Wallace received.

In any event, the real news here is that we're probably not going to get any news tonight. We'll have to sit and wait. Perhaps we'll know something more tomorrow afternoon.

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