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Steven Jackson contract: Did Ted Thompson let the Falcons off cheap?

Should the Packers have gone harder for Steven Jackson?


When Steven Jackson signed for the Atlanta Falcons instead of the Green Bay Packers, who he was reportedly talking to, most fans assumed that the Falcons offered more than the Packers could reasonably pay. While the contract that Jackson received might be a bit too rich for Ted Thompson's blood, it certainly wasn't outrageous. Jackson will make $12 millon over the next three years.

If this was a 50-50 situation, where the Packers could have picked up Jackson by matching, but not seriously exceeding the Falcons' offer, I feel like the Packers might have missed out. If he was set on going to the Falcons unless another team offered significantly more money ... well, there's nothing that Ted Thompson can do about that.

What do you guys think? Do you feel like we let the Falcons off cheap? Do you think $4 million per year is too much for Steven Jackson? Or do you think there was never any significant mutual interest between the two parties?

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