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Greg Jennings Thanks Packers Fans with Newspaper Ad

The former Packer expressed his thanks for the fans in Green Bay for his first seven years in the NFL.

Tom Pennington

In an effort to try to show no ill will towards the Green Bay Packers and their fans, former Packer wideout Greg Jennings apparently has put an advertisement in today's Green Bay Press-Gazette. The ad thanks the fans and the Packers alike for their contributions to his career and tries to explain his decision to leave as a business decision, which is of course what it was.

Personally, I harbor no resentment towards Jennings. One team was willing to pay him significantly more money on a longer contract than the Packers were, and he left for that contract. Jennings already has a Super Bowl ring and while there's no doubt that he would want to win another championship, it may not be as big a motivator for him as it would be for another player who has yet to do so.

If you find yourself angry with Jennings, imagine yourself in his position: you would almost certainly do the same. It hurts now because he signed with a rival, but I will wish him the best in 14 out of the 16 games each season he's in purple (and I hope Casey Hayward blankets him and holds him without a reception in the other two).