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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for March 20, 2013

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on rule changes, toughness, wasting money and wide receivers.

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Happy Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. Today is lazy cliche day in Packers writing land. I hope you're okay with that, because we have stories on TOUGHNESS, how rule changes are RUINING FOOTBALL and free agents who are a huge waste of money.

Proposed NFL rule not a hit with coaches | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Yeah, it's tough to officiate, but the other options are 'let hundreds of people give themselves dementia' or 'ban football', and those aren't really options.

Thompson lets others spend 'stupid money' | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Why do I feel like Mike Vandermause columns are just mad libs?

Let's get physical? | ESPN Wisconsin

I don't think 'toughness' is the reason that the Packers couldn't read an offense or keep containment on the edge.

Packers Position Group Analysis: Wide Receiver | Jersey Al's

Guess what? We're still pretty good.

Packer Staff attend FSU Pro Day | Cheesehead TV

Future Packers starting QB ... EJ Manuel!

NFL free agent grades: 49ers sign Phil Dawson, David Carr returns | SB Nation

I can't believe David Carr still exists.