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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for March 25, 2013

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on competition for Mason Crosby, Aaron Rodgers talking about a rival legend, and the Packers love their fans.

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Chris Trotman

Happy Tuesday late morning / early afternoon to all of you fine readers! Evan already started off our discussion about the biggest news of the day of the day here in Packer country (Jermichael Finley apparently getting his full salary this year and probably staying with the team). We’ll have more on this throughout the day, but here are a few other stories that may catch your attention as well including competition for Mason Crosby, Aaron Rodgers talking about a rival legend, and lots of love for the fans from the Green Bay Packers.

Some competition for Mason Crosby? | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

We all figured that there would be some competition for Crosby in training camp and it looks like the signing of Giorgio Tavecchio will ensure that comes about this year. It’s the first real competition that Crosby has faced in camp in a long, long time.

Aaron Rodgers: Chicago Bears Will Miss Brian Urlacher |

"It’s kind of like us with losing Woodson." Yup, it is; although it might be even bigger for the Chicago Bears. Brian Urlacher was one of the few defenders I have ever seen out fox Rodgers at least once a year.

Packers likely to draft a safety early | Fox Sports Wisconsin

There is a good chance that the Packers could find some interesting value at safety around 26, but is it wise to draft another safety when there are so many other interesting prospects in house and other more pressing needs on the team?

Packers to announce FAN Hall of Fame inductee | Green Bay Press Gazette

Newsflash! The Packers love their fans. Seriously though, how many professional sports teams have a fan wall of their stadium set aside for how crazy their fans can be?

Packers eighth annual Tailgate Tour set for May 14-18; includes Iowa |

Newsflash! The Packers still love their fans. There are two nice things about the Tailgate Tour: 1) it’s a nice way for the Packers to reach out to lifelong fans who may not have the opportunity to come to Green Bay for an event, and 2) the news that trickles out tends to help people ignore the fact that the Packers do absolutely nothing in free agency.

NFC free agency winners and losers |

Here's another breakdown of free agency for those who like to keep score this time of year. You’ll find the Packers paired with the New York Giants under the "Doing what they do" category.

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