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APC Community Consensus: Worst Packers Free Agency Decision of 2013

This morning we asked you to discuss the best move (or non-move) of free agency; now let's look at the decision that you disagree with the most. You'll notice that a few of the same moves are nominated in both categories.


This morning we looked at the best decision of the 2013 free agency period for the Packers; now we give you the opportunity to sound off on what you disagree with most. You'll likely notice that there is some overlap here, since a few decisions came with relatively mixed reviews. As always, discuss respectfully in the comments below.

Not Signing Steven Jackson

There was much hand-wringing about Jackson first being reported as signing with Green Bay before he finally signed a contract in Atlanta. Yes, there's still a chance for the Packers to draft a running back in April, but Jackson could have brought some stability and a proven track record to the position.

Not Signing Chris Canty and/or Cullen Jenkins

Two players who would fit well on 3-4 defensive lines, Canty and Jenkins were both thought of as ideal candidates for the Packers in free agency when they were released by the Giants and Eagles. The Packers' medical staff didn't clear Canty however, and Jenkins was never seriously pursued, suggesting that Ted Thompson and company don't think he has much left in the tank.

Not Cutting Jermichael Finley

We brought this up in the first post today, but there are plenty of people who are upset that Finley is still a member of the Packers after Monday's deadline for his roster bonus.

Re-signing Brad Jones

With three potential starting-caliber inside linebackers already on the roster, the Packers committed three years and a $3 million signing bonus to a player who has spent one year at the position and, though he performed well, hasn't shown sustained performance. It also means that with Desmond Bishop and A.J. Hawk, there are three players at that position being paid like starters.

Not Extending Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews (YET)

Yes, this one's a little tongue-in-cheek, as it's an option for those of you who haven't really had an issue with anything the Packers have or haven't done yet this off-season (it's certainly the one I'm voting for). Rodgers' and Matthews' new contracts will almost certainly happen this off-season, but we can all get indignant that they haven't been completed yet because TED WHY ARE YOU SITTING ON YOUR HANDS, PAY THE MEN!

Did we forget something major that upsets you about this off-season? Tell us in the comments.

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