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NFL Draft 2013: Live SBNation Mock Draft Today

Head over to SBNation's main NFL page to check out the live community mock draft going on this afternoon.


We have a number of things on the docket for this afternoon, but the first is a community mock draft hosted by SBNation's chief draft experts at Mocking The Draft. Each team has one user assigned to make their picks, but you can follow along with the big board and the selections in the comments and give your reactions.

SBNation's Two-Round Community Mock Draft

This mock will start at 3 PM Eastern time today, so head on over there right away. Personally, I will be very curious to see how closely this community draft mirrors the blogger mock draft that's also going on at SBNation. As a reminder, that draft is up to the Bengals' pick at 21, so expect our selection for the Packers' 26th overall pick to be posted on Tuesday around noon.

Got any draft thoughts rumbling around in your head? Feel free to use the comments here as a place to release them. In the meantime, refresh your memory on who the likely first-round prospects are with Mel Kiper's Big Board and Positional Top Five rankings.

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