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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for March 4, 2013

Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on Jarvis Jones, Chris Canty, performance-based value and getting off my lawn.

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Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen. Today's edition of Cheese Curds touches on an outside linebacker we're not going to draft, another one that we could possibly sign, a 7-round mock, performance-based value and one of the most curmudgeonly posts I've ever seen.

Murphy Takes 5: Player safety of paramount concern this offseason |

Mark Murphy is answering your questions again.

Is Georgia OLB Jarvis Jones worth the risk? | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

In the top five? No. Where the Packers are drafting? Absolutely.

Packers looking to spend wisely with Canty due to visit | Green Bay Press-Gazette

I'm sure one of us will find some time to write about Canty in the coming days.

Packers Draft Cyprien, Bailey During 7-Round Mock Draft | Cheesehead TV

7-round mocks are nuts.

Should the Packers Cut Back on all the Pre-Snap Screwing Around? | Jersey Al's

Back in my day we played football like men and didn't have time for all of this newfangled garbage I don't know why the Packers can't just CUT THE BULLCRUD AND PLAY REAL FOOTBALL.

Oh, the Packers had the best quarterback in the league and a top-half defense last year, improved from dead last the previous year? Oh.

Performance Based Value: Green Bay Packers | Pro Football Focus

We got a lot for our money. But less than the Vikings.