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NFL Free Agency 2013: Team-Agent Negotiations Underway

Teams and agents are allowed to begin negotiations on free agent contracts now. We'll pass along any rumors involving the Packers or their impending free agents as they are released.

Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

As of right now, 12 AM Eastern time, NFL teams and the agents for unrestricted free agent players can begin negotiations on contracts for those players. As such, there will likely be a number of rumors coming out over the next 72+ hours before contracts can actually be signed, and we'll try to address all rumors that involve the Green Bay Packers or their former players as quickly as possible.

Check out this post from which goes over some of the details of this new free agency period.

In summary, teams and agents (not players themselves) could begin negotiating contracts starting at midnight. Even if the terms of the contracts may be agreed to on all terms, they cannot be signed until after 4:00 PM on Tuesday, March 12th when free agency officially begins.

We'll keep you updated on this post with anything we hear involving the Packers and negotiations with agents representing players from outside the organization (Steven Jackson or Dashon Goldson, perhaps?) and also if anything is leaked involving free agents like Greg Jennings who were members of the Packers last season or players who were rumored to be Packers targets.