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Rodgers and Packers Nearing Contract, Says Report

New, comments reports that the QB and his team are getting close in their negotiations for an extension.

Ronald Martinez

This morning, a report came out from Ian Rapoport of saying that the Green Bay Packers and superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers are getting close to a new contract. According to the report's sources, the Packers have an offer on the table worth an average of about $21 million per year but that Rodgers' camp is looking for around $23 million annually.

This report comes on the heels of the new contracts signed by quarterbacks Tony Romo and Joe Flacco this off-season. Romo's contract extension added six years and $108 million to his deal, which now totals seven years and $119.5 million (just over $17M average). Flacco's deal of course set the bar for the biggest contract in the NFL at six years and $120.6 million ($20.1M average). It seems clear that Rodgers' deal will eclipse Flacco's, considering the numbers talked about in the article.

What is not clear is how the two remaining years on Rodgers' deal will impact his impending extension. He's "only" set to earn $9.25 million in 2013 and $10.5 million in 2014, and the average annual salary on his new deal looks to exceed those combined values.

We'll have much more on the contract talks and the impact they'll have on the salary cap as more information is released.

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