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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for April 10, 2013

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Daily Green Bay Packers links, today on Aaron's brother, concussions, Ace Sanders and Desmond Bishop.

Joe Robbins

Happy Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry we're a little late today. The internet at my house wasn't being nice to me late last night and I had a bunch of job ish to take care of this morning. But, hey, better late than never. Today's edition of Cheese Curds is pretty draft-heavy, but also has some stuff on Desmond Bishop, our awesome trainer, and a less than awesome subject, concussions.

Unheralded Jordan Rodgers hopes to follow brother Aaron into NFL | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Jordan Rodgers : Vanderbilt QBs :: Tedford QBs : Aaron Rodgers?

Unknown free agents a familiar sight on Packers' roster | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Probably on most rosters, actually.

Longtime trainer Pepper Burruss honored as league's best |

Go ahead, make snarky jokes about injuries.

Bishop fully healed, focused on improving | FOX Sports Wisconsin

I'm really hoping that Bish is a 16-game starter next year.

South Carolina Wide Receiver Looks to Avoid Pitfalls of Tori Gurley | Cheesehead TV

I don't think Tori Gurley was ever as dominant of a returner as Ace Sanders.

NFL Debrief: Will the concussions case get another day in court? | SB Nation

Between this and the Ed O'Bannon NCAA lawsuit, I think we're less than a decade from our entire sports landscape changing dramatically.