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Jermichael Finley Interviewed on KFAN Minneapolis

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The Packers tight end went on the air with the Vikings' play-by-play man to discuss the Packers, the division, and his raise for 2013.


It's rather unusual for an NFL player to do an in-studio interview with a radio station or personality who covers a rival team. However, that's exactly what Jermichael Finley did Wednesday morning, as he was in the Twin Cities talking to Paul Allen of KFAN. While most of the interview was taken up by Allen making fun of the Packers and Green Bay or complaining about how they would have swept the Packers if Christian Ponder hadn't thrown a ball "right to Morgan Burnett", Finley did have a few interesting comments though, a few of which are below.

  • Finley was first asked about his contract, which now will pay him $8.25 million this season: "You could give me $100 mil, I would never get fat and happy."
  • On Adrian Peterson's 2012 season: "He's an animal...I haven't seen nothing like that, ever."
  • On Greg Jennings coming to Minnesota: "(Greg is) gonna be a big got a guy like Greg who's gonna detail every aspect of his game and Ponder's."
  • On Ponder's pick in GB and the game: "It's already in the books, brother."
  • On Erin Henderson covering him: "I remember that yellow flag coming out every single time, I remember him holding me every time." He didn't know that Henderson was actually on the phone listening, and backtracked a bit when he spoke up, leading to a rather amusing exchange between the two.
  • On the Vikings' draft: "I would say go defense for sure, go linebacker 23 and go safety 25...load the defense up."
  • When compared to Antonio Gates, Finley said that he would rather be compared to Tony Gonzalez and tries to mimic his game against the consistent veteran.
  • When asked about Brian Urlacher no longer being a member of the Bears, Finley said "It'll be awesome. He's savvy...he pretty much knows our playbook."

Perhaps the biggest comment to come out of this interview was Finley's agent, who explained his tweets last season about Finley and Aaron Rodgers by saying that he was very apologetic to Finley for making a scene that he could be associated with. He also tried to make it clear that it was solely his opinion, and did not come from Finley himself. I'm a little surprised that it is still a topic of discussion, but it is what it is, and I suppose it should not come as a surprise that a rival announcer would bring it up.

That said, there really weren't any earth-shattering quotes there, and listening to Paul Allen was agonizing for at least this Packer fan.

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