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Reader Poll: Adding A Former Packer to the Offense

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The latest poll asks you to pick an offensive player to add to the current Packers squad.

Doug Pensinger

Once again, it's time for another rousing debate about the Green Bay Packers! We collected nominations Wednesday for the following question and will present them here for your final judgment.

If you could add one offensive player from the Holmgren, Sherman, or McCarthy eras to the 2013 Packers, who would it be?

In the interest of argument, we are going to assume that you are taking this player in the prime of his career and adding him cost-free to this year's team. And the nominees are...

Chad Clifton

Between the start of the 2003 season and the end of the 2010 season (that's eight seasons, for those of you counting), Chad Clifton started all but six games for the Packers at left tackle. That kind of consistency doesn't grow on trees, and Clifton's pass blocking was superb. Though an injured Clifton couldn't hold up in 2011 and had to be replaced by Marshall Newhouse, Clifton in his prime would help keep the Packers' pocket intact and Aaron Rodgers' blind side protected.

Sterling Sharpe

Imagine Aaron Rodgers throwing to a wide receiver corps of Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Jermichael Finley...and Sterling Sharpe in his prime. Look out Drew Brees, because your yardage record is going down, and Rodgers might top 50 passing touchdowns. But he would have to face a lot of pressure because the running game still would be a bit of a question...

Ahman Green

And that's where Green comes in. 2003 Ahman Green was probably the best running back in the NFL, with over 1,800 yards rushing, nearly another 400 receiving, and 20 combined touchdowns. Yes, the fumbles were an issue, but with Green keeping the defense more than honest and giving Rodgers a great check-down or screen option out of the backfield, they would be far less of a detriment than Green's positives.

Frank Winters

Evan Dietrich-Smith is an interesting young center, but a 1996-era Frank Winters would give the Packers a great interior pass blocker who was very effective in the running game as well.

William Henderson

Here's a more sentimental choice, but I think there's value in it. Current Packers fullback John Kuhn is a great pass blocker, but doesn't really seem suited to being a lead blocker in an I-formation running game. Henderson was that punishing lead blocker and could help out in short yardage situations on occasion, while also being a great receiving back once he disengaged from his blocks.

What do you think? Did we miss someone entirely yet again? Let us know in the comments section.

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