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Eddie Lacy's pro day was less than encouraging

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The Alabama running back has been linked to the Green Bay Packers. He probably hurt his chances of going in the first round on Thursday.


Eddie Lacy didn't work out at the NFL Combine, which isn't shocking. A lot of top players don't work out at the combine and wait until their pro day to show off their skills. With some extra time to perfect his technique on drills and get into top shape, Lacy could have boosted his draft stock and solidified his standing as a surefire first round pick.

He did nothing of the sort on Thursday, by all accounts. First, there was the conflicting reports about the 40 times, which were mediocre (but not awful).

Then, there was Bucky Brooks on the other drills and his conditioning.

Lacy is the No. 1 running back prospect in the draft, according to most services. For a point of reference, NFL Draft Scout's No. 2 back, Giovani Bernard, ran a 4.50 second 40-yard dash and 4.12 second short shuttle while recording a 33.5 inch vertical. Lacy's numbers are similar to NFL Draft Scout's No. 4 back, Montee Ball, who recorded 4.59 seconds/4.40 seconds/32 inches on the same drills.

Is this enough to knock Lacy out of the first round? Do you still think he should be on the Packers' radar in the first round? How about the second?

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