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NFL Draft Rewind: People Seriously Thought Brian Brohm Would be Better than Aaron Rodgers

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This is your annual reminder that everyone who talks about the NFL is an idiot (present company certainly included).

Al Bello

As fans and writers about the NFL, we pretend to think that we have some insight into the inner workings of the league. Moreover, we think we know how a particular prospect in the draft will turn out, whether he will be a good fit for a certain team, or whether he will flame out massively and make the use of a draft pick a complete waste. All these things we think we know.

We are all idiots.

This goes all the way up the chain, from the craziest commenters on blogs and websites all the way up to the most astute and in-the-know insiders and talking heads on television. As proof, I present to you the following video, in which ESPN analysts Merrill Hoge and Todd McShay think that Brian Brohm has greater "upside" or will be a better NFL quarterback than Aaron Rodgers.

If people who are paid a full living wage to do nothing but break down prospects and analyze football players can be so horribly wrong on their evaluations and predictions, what hope do any of us have? Consider this a gentle reminder that despite what we might think, none of us here really knows any more than anyone else about the art and science of the NFL Draft.

But that doesn't mean we're going to stop talking about it.

If this hasn't turned you away from draft discussion, please check out our entire body of 2013 NFL Draft content.

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