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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for April 15, 2013

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Daily Green Bay Packers links, today on compensatory picks, Brett Favre, David Amerson and EDS.


Happy tax day, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you paid exactly the correct amount of taxes during the year or got a refund. If you owe the government money (like this guy right here), well, sucks to be you. Here's your daily serving of Cheese Curds.

Compensatory picks have proved valuable to Packers |

That's because the Packers are good at drafting and they're the same as regular draft picks.

Favre says reconciliation with Packers will happen | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Why won't this stop being a story?

Coach Q&A: Georgia's Grantham defends OLB Jarvis Jones | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

If he drops off a cliff into the second round, I wouldn't mind.

Outside-the-Box Thinking: David Amerson as Packers' First Pick | Cheesehead TV

Crazier things have happened cough cough Justin Harrell.

Evaluating Evan Dietrich-Smith's Cool Reception on the Free Agent Market | Jersey Al's

I guess this Ted Thompson guy knows what he's doing.

Draft nightmares | FOX Sports Wisconsin

I forgot about John Michels.

Pick your Poison: Travis Frederick vs Barrett Jones | National Football Post

Insert biased pro-Frederick argument here.