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Green Bay Packers start offseason conditioning program Monday

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The real 'offseason' part of the offseason was short.

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Did you enjoy the actual offseason part of the offseason, where no one had to do anything? I'm sure the players did too. Three months after the end of the Packers' season, most of the team is back to work today for the first real offseason program of the new year. Today, players report for the team's offseason conditioning program.

Of course, that's not terribly exciting, so the above-linked Journal-Sentinel article is mostly about the impeding contract extensions for Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews. They're both going to get paid shortly and will probably both be Packers for life, or something close to it. Everyone rejoice! Both players have workout bonuses in their current contracts -- this program is not mandatory -- and they're both expected to show up and collect.

Here's what everyone's getting into today and the next few weeks, from the JS.

Few people take off-season workouts as seriously as McCarthy, which is why he makes changes when things don't play out favorably.

As a result, McCarthy intends to make alterations in all three phases of the off-season conditioning program, starting with Phase 1, a two-week strength and conditioning period in which no position coaches are allowed on the field to guide or observe the exercises.

Phase 2 is a three-week period in which coaches are allowed on the field but no contact or offense-vs.-defense drills are permitted. Workouts must be conducted without helmets or pads.

Phase 3 covers the final four weeks and features 10 days of "organized team activities," in which offense vs. defense is allowed but no one-on-ones between linemen and receivers and defensive backs are permitted. Players may be required to wear helmets during this phase.

During Phase 3, a team can hold a three-day mandatory minicamp.

If you're wondering who's most excited for workouts, look no further than Jermike.