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Brace Yourselves: For Editable Comments!

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The biggest change to the commenting features of SBNation in recent memory will allow users to edit their comments for a short time.


Have you ever commented on an article on Acme Packing Company or SBNation and hit "Post", only to realize that you made an egregious factual error or typo that you desperately want to fix? Odds are that you probably reply to yourself to correct your mistake or just live with it, knowing that you can never go back and change it.


In the next few days, SBNation will be rolling out editable comments to the masses, ensuring that no erroneous comment will go unchanged. The basics of the system are that you will have 90 seconds after initial posting to go back and edit your comment. The remaining time will be shown both with a timer and a progress bar that gradually shrinks as your remaining time is elapsing. The 90-second time period was chosen by SBNation's IT folks as a happy medium - it will allow for immediate changes while not allowing people to go back days after they posted a comment and change it to alter the tone of a discussion.

As the post above notes, there will also be improved capabilities with stacking/unstacking comments, and comments with large images can be minimized even if there is no title.

This is great news, and something that has been in the works from the development team for a long time. It will likely take a few days to get used to the changes and there may be a few adjustments that need to be made, but all in all I believe that this will be a great change for APC and all of SBNation.

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