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Clay Matthews Contract Extension: Reports of Signing Bonus, Salary Cap Details

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We are finally getting some news with specific numbers on the structure of Matthews' new deal.

Thearon W. Henderson

Details of Clay Matthews' contract extension continue to roll in this morning, and Vikings reporter Tom Pelissero has a few pieces of new information that are surprising considering the Green Bay Packers' tendency to avoid backloading their players' contracts into later years.

The first piece of news involves Matthews' signing bonus, which is a rather impressive number:

With a signing bonus of that size, it's a pretty good bet that there will be some level of backloading of the cap value of the contract, but Pelissero's second tweet is the really shocking one, and details a source's report of Matthews' cap hits.

Yikes. That's extremely heavily backloaded. It still is not as high a maximum cap hit as DeMarcus Ware's contract has in 2014 and '15, but it's awfully hefty. This suggests that Aaron Rodgers' contract will have more money allocated to the salary cap in its early years (certainly in 2013).