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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for April 19, 2013

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Daily Green Bay Packers links, today on the NFL schedule, draft day trades, Steve McLendon and draft prospects.

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Justin K. Aller

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently those of you who live in Wisconsin won't be able to enjoy adult beverages on a deck or patio on your lunch hour just yet. There's going to be a high of 37 in Green Bay today with a 50 percent chance of a wintery mix? In late April? How do you people even live?

Anyway, if you missed it last night, here's the Packers' schedule. It features a brutal start before an early bye week, but no back-to-back road games. Jason has his initial reaction to the schedule here. And with that, Cheese Curds.

Draft-day trades are all about value |

And all this time I had thought they were about something else entirely.

Few gimmes among Packers' 2013 opponents | Green Bay Press-Gazette

How many gimmes are there ever? And how many people expected the Chiefs and Eagles to be terrible teams heading into last season?

Top ten must-see games in 2013 | National Football Post

The Packers appear here once.

Aaron Rodgers on Greg Jennings at WI Sports Awards: Who? | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Jennings in purple will be weird.

Stealing Away Steve McLendon Wouldn't Be Difficult for Packers | Cheesehead TV

It's going to be weird when the Steelers straight-up pull the plug and gut the team.

NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Barrett Jones, OL Alabama | Jersey Al's

I'd be thrilled if his foot injury caused him to drop to us in the second round.

PFF's Top 10 Third-Round Picks, 2008-2012 | Pro Football Focus

You'll never guess who No. 1 is.

Tim Tebow's QB coach is tired of his other QB coach "getting credit" | SB Nation