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2013 NFL Draft: Acme Packing Company Is On the Clock

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With the APC staff on the clock for the Packers' pick, tell us who you think the best choice is given the draft board available before our selection is announced.

I couldn't find a picture of Ted Thompson to photoshop my face onto.
I couldn't find a picture of Ted Thompson to photoshop my face onto.

The SBNation NFL Blogger Mock Draft (whew, that's a mouthful) has been going on for several days now, with three picks being announced each day. We've worked our way through the early twenties this week, and our selection for the Packers' pick at 26 will be posted at noon today.

With that, we would like to open it up to you to discuss who you think the pick should be at this point. Keep in mind the full draft board, which is shown in the post for the 25th pick, when making your selection.

With the Packers' needs, we can see arguments to be made for several possible selections. Tight end Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame is available, but so is running back Eddie Lacy. If you like defense, tackle John Jenkins of Georgia could be more your style, or maybe you'd like to see linebacker Damontre Moore from Texas A&M instead. If you're critical of the offensive line, Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker is still out there as well.

The Packers are officially on the clock. Who's your ideal pick in this situation?

NOTE: I mistakenly included Hankins in the poll initially, but he was selected with the 25th pick by the guys from The Daily Norseman. Sorry for the error.

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