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NFL News: Darrelle Revis Trade to Tampa Bay Complete

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It's not often that an All-Pro is traded in the NFL, but it appears that is exactly what is happening this week.

Jim McIsaac

Bucs Nation, SBNation's Tampa Bay Buccaneers blog, is reporting that All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis will be traded from the New York Jets to the Buccaneers. First it was learned that the two teams had agreed on the Jets' compensation, reportedly including Tampa Bay's first-round pick in Thursday's NFL Draft (13th overall), as well as a conditional pick in the 2014 draft. Now news is breaking that Revis has agreed to contract terms with the Buccaneers, which was the last piece of the puzzle.

This move likely will not affect the Green Bay Packers directly in 2013, as neither of the involved teams are on the schedule and the Packers do not have a strong need at cornerback in the first round of this year's draft. However, the Packers are scheduled to play the entire AFC East and NFC South divisions in 2014, so both teams will be on the schedule next season.

The Buccaneers were often projected to take a cornerback with their first-round pick. Since Ronde Barber moved to safety, the Bucs' cornerback position has been inconsistent, and Revis will give them one of the best cornerbacks in the league to help defend premier wide receivers like Julio Jones, Roddy White, Steve Smith, and Marques Colston, all of whom play for fellow NFC South rivals.

UPDATE: Revis' deal reportedly contains NO guaranteed money from the Buccaneers. It is apparently entirely composed of base salary and earned bonuses:

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