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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for April 23, 2013

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Daily Green Bay Packers links, today on lots of draft-related things, Ted Thompson, draft history and fun numbers.

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Happy Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry we're a bit late with Cheese Curds today. This morning was a perfect storm of Tex coming back from a business trip, me hacking up pieces of my lungs and my actual job 'round these parts being super busy. I still rounded up a bunch of awesome things for you to read.

Ted Thompson leads Packers into another draft |

The basics from the official site.

Packers draft history: Who is your worst, best pick? | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Aaron/Buckley for me.

NFL teams try to weigh workout numbers vs. sack totals | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Tape matters more, y'all.

2013 NFL Draft: Packers First-Round Big Board | Cheesehead TV

Count me as aboard the Datone Jones bandwagon.

Green Bay Packers Draft Targets: Offense | Jersey Al's

I haven't heard too many of you guys talk about Le'Veon Bell. Any big fans of his here?

PFF's Top 10 Sixth-Round Picks, 2008-2012 | Pro Football Focus

Sullivan over McCourty might be controversial to some.

Playmaker Score 2013 | Football Outsiders

Quinton Patton grades out better than I thought. Stedman Bailey would be an interesting pickup too.

10 late round sleepers who could surprise: Part I | National Football Post

Everyone's favorite kind of pre-draft post.

NFL news roundup: Dolphins willing to pay for Albert, Fujita retires | SB Nation

All the basics that you might have missed yesterday.

'Elway to Marino' and the greatest NFL Draft in history | SB Nation

Look at that room! That's where they did the draft in the 80s!